While it is nearly impossible to give you the exact time it takes to reclaim your Account/ASIN, our average time from submitting your letter to reinstatement is about 3 days. We have seen numerous cases where sellers have been reinstated in 12 hours or less. We have also seen cases where the process took a few weeks, it all depends on how the Seller Performance Team handles your specific case.
We will handle ALL correspondence with Amazon after you submit your appeal until we get you reinstated, or we have exhausted all of our options. This is an additional service that not many other companies offer.
Although our success rate is outstanding, we cannot guarantee reinstatement. During your FREE consultation at the beginning of your appeal process we will inform you of any concerns we may have with your situation and your chances at success. If you are comfortable with this information you have the choice to purchase any package you desire.

Not at all! All we need is your complete honesty, as well as a few documents/screenshots of account metrics, A-Z Claims, Feedback, and correspondence between you and Amazon. 

Unfortunately due to the facts that we do not access your account and we offer extremely low prices we do not offer refunds. However, if you are not satisfied with your appeal letter & plan of action we will revise it until you are 100% content with our work.
Absolutely. Our company has reinstated the most difficult suspension cases. This includes Accounts that have had the infamous “ban” from Amazon, as well as Accounts/ASIN’s that have been suspended for numerous years.