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Amazon Seller Account Suspended – How to Appeal Your Amazon Suspension (2019)

Is your Amazon seller account suspended? Has your ASIN listing been deactivated? We know that absolute dread and despair this notification causes Amazon sellers. We are e-Seller Protection Amazon Appeal Services. Our company specializes in helping Amazon Sellers get their suspended accounts and listings reinstated.


The Amazon seller account suspended appeal process can be confusing and frustrating. That is why we are going to teach you 5 valuable tips when writing an Amazon suspension appeal letter and plan of action. If you would prefer our helpful video click here.

  1. Take Fault for Amazon Suspension

The first tip is to take fault for your wrong-doings. Amazon’s appeal review team does not take kindly to being blamed for a seller’s suspension. Therefore, even if you believe you are innocent, find a way to show Amazon what you could have done different in your situation. If you aren’t sure why you were suspended, review Amazon’s “Prohibited seller activities and actions”.


  1. Amazon Appeal Conciseness

The second tip is to keep your appeal concise, organized and thorough. Divide your document into the categories they have asked for, with visible subject lines. Provide the required information in bullet-point form with brief statements and bold fonts for key-points.


  1. Identify Your Suspended Amazon Seller Account Credentials

The third tip is to make sure that you clearly provide your Amazon seller account name and the reason for your suspension. Make sure that you are using the same email that you used to sign up for an Amazon Seller Account. You may also want to provide the Amazon suspension complaint ID.


  1. Amazon Appeal Patience is Key

The fourth tip is to practice patience during this long and grueling process. Appealing an Amazon suspension can be tedious and time-consuming. If you decided to bombard Amazon’s team with emails, they will not respond.


  1. Seek Professional Help From Amazon Appeal Service

The fifth and most important tip is to seek professional help. You will have very little appeal attempts, so it is vital to make sure you do it right the first time. We at eSeller Protection can provide you the necessary experience, consultation and documents to recover your valuable assets on Amazon. Our team offers you a proven and efficient system by delivering your top-notch appeal in as little as 24 hours. Visit us today or contact us:



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Thanks for reading. Our company understands your situation. Reach out to us so we can reclaim your assets today. We look forward to helping you!